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In the seminar, Dr. Dinh Van Hai introduced the new training models in some European countries.

In the framework of the V2WORK Project, the University of Danang (UD) organized the Enterprising Ideas Competition 2019 with an aim to support and create an innovation space for students to express ideas, solutions and perform technical products with high applicability.
Replication Seminar
Replication seminar 4 organised at IUV about Soft Skills and Internship on 26 of February 2019.
v2work ToT4

V2WORK’s fourth training of trainers module took play at Tay Nguyen University in Buon Ma Thuot, from 14 to 16 January, 2019, with the objective of is to making participants familiar with the purpose and the processes related to soft skills and internships for university students in order to improve their employability.

v2work ToT3

Over 30 people gathered at the University of Danang in Vietnam from November 27th to 29th, 2018, to contribute to and participate in V2WORK’s third training of trainers module for staff from university career centres.

In the seminar, Dr. Vu Tuyet Trinh, Vice Head of HUST External Affairs Office, analysed Vietnamese labor market, in particular the relationship between HUST and the labor market.